History of the Breed

History of the American Alsatian and the Dire Wolf Project

The Creator of the breed
Jane and Lois

In Panama, on October 27, 1953, a daughter was born to Robert and Jane Denny whom they named Lois Elaine Denny. Seven years later, the Denny family moved to Oxnard, California where Mr. Denny worked at the Point Mugu Naval Air base until he retired in 1994.


Lois had a genuine gift with animals and would prefer them to most people in her later years. While Lois was growing up in Oxnard, she joined the brownie, juniors, cadets and senior scouts. She enjoyed this comradery so much that she then went on to be a brownie leader herself.

Lois bred Guinea Pigs

She carried her love of animals with her always. Her main interest as a child was in the breeding and raising of her guinea pigs, and mice which gave her a peace and happiness that showed throughout her soul. Soon she took over the family’s pigeons and had a hand in the rabbits, ducks and chickens. She trained her ducks and chickens on cat leashes going for short walks throughout the neighborhood. She also built a small maze, as she was inquisitive about what she had read on food rewards and memory, along with the salivation of glands and the dinner bell. But her real love would always remain with the canines.

library room

By the time Lois was ten she had read all books of such interests that were contained in the libraries near her home.

Lois bred budgies of all colors

Lois kept records of the coat colors, coat density, eye shapes, mutations, and albinism that occurred within her breeding’s. She received numerous awards while in scouts within these fields. Then there were the dog club ribbons and the Girl Scout dog show event’s that she would put on for the community.

lois in highschool

Lois joined the local dog training clubs but would see the political side and drop out as she also dropped out of the beauty contest for Miss Oxnard even though she had won second runner up in the Miss Wendy Ward competition. She realized early on in life that she did not need such recognition’s that stripped her of her intense loyalty to others and to herself by substituting truth for acceptance. If she had to play such games to win the judge’s votes, then she wanted no part of the game that others were so willing to play.

Lois Show
Lois bred and showed AKC breeds: Am. Cocker Spaniel, German Shepherd, English Mastiff

Lois would train the dogs she owned by herself without the lies of political correctness spewing out of the mouths of the soon to be animal right groups in the making. Lois would also see the decline of the rodeos, circus’s and pet shops in the near future.

drakes ducks malards art
Lois bred a variety of small animals

Her favorite pet shop was an old converted barn on Oxnard Boulevard called “Valentine’s Feed and Seed”. Valentine’s was a family run business where there were a variety of animals, such as: goats, turkeys, pigeons, rabbits, and pigs. Some of Lois's fondest memories of her childhood and the smells of freshly mowed hay and feed were there, in that barn. Those smells would be an ever-present reminder of a past that would fade away all too quickly

Naga stand stay profile
The beginning look of the Dire Wolf comes together

When did the Idea of this great breed of dog enter her mind? The seeds of this new breed were planted in 1967 when a large mixed puppy followed her home. The Idea of the new breed “American Alsatian” would not come together for her until many dogs, breeds, and training’s later.

slack leash training
Lois set up dog classes for the public

Lois trained thousands of dogs for people and during this time she tried very hard to educate the owners on the many different dog breeds and their personalities. She would tell the truth about canines and how they really learned. She would suggest the easiest ways to train them. What she found out was that many people did not want to hear the truth. These people were not from the farms and mountains. They had a living that would erase the past of the real world and replace it instead with comfortable images of what the world was to them.

Owners of Labrador and Golden Retriever’s of the 1970-80’s wanted a seeing-eye dog that was trained to do everything they imagined when they first brought the puppy home. These dogs then came to Lois at that mischievous age of eight-months-old and totally wild! These were the bird dogs! Labradors with extensive lineages going back to the days when folks hunted birds for food. What were the owners expecting? Gee whiz, if the dogs didn’t possess those bird hunting traits, they wouldn't be bird dogs!

Soon to be puppy owners didn’t know what they wanted (but thought they did) as they came to Lois for advice. New puppy buyers may have read up on a breed and looked at the pictures of the finely groomed pets that covered the pages of breed books but then they would decide that what they really wanted was a blue eyed Siberian or a puffy white-coated Samoyed husky!

dire wolf drawing art 1
Lois formed this new breed in her head

As we head out into 2023, Schwarz Kennels and Kingsley Kennels will be putting the last genetical twists on our 30 year project with the Dire Wolf look and the American Alsatians. It has been a very long road and we are excited to be finishing this up.

Lois Schwarz has been working hard to bring and keep the loving, kind, intelligent foundation stock into every outcross she brings into the pack while the look of the dire wolf was on hold. We now have a long line of great temperaments and solid conformation in all our dogs as we come to a close with our ‘attention to the details’.

Up ears, Yellow eyes, Large paws, solid bones, large heads are being pulled forward and kept.

As each 2023 litter is born, we shall be putting astronomical price tags on any pup that will be needed to solidify the American Alsatian Dire Wolf look. And we shall be keeping them for life. Finally, Lois can have her dogs!

The coats, coat colors and all the little aspects of this breed must be selected and as we move on into the next generations, we will be finding that all the pups will hold true to the look of what the Dire Wolf must have looked like.

Some of you might have been wanting a soft long coated dog, sorry but that is not a Dire Wolf. (Try the Fox Project pups)

Some of you might have wanted a German Shepherd dog look, nope, not happening.

The Dire Wolf shall not look like the uniformed dogs in show rings as a Dire Wolf is a wild prehistoric looking animal with a unique stare and a choppy coat. Yes, some wisps of longer hairs. Yes, some weird patterns of brindling and dark legs with dark faces and dark outlines of the ears and tails. Lois promised it and she will deliver!

The Cost of our dogs at this time, will not be small, and we will not be bringing a whole ton of puppies into this world. We will be finishing up our work and the price for a masterpiece will be high. We do not expect to sell a lot of puppies and we most certainly do not want to. Not your average breeders here. We have enough room for 18 dogs, and we can open up the place for tours and meet and greets as we try to landscape the place to fit the look of a world in which such animals existed. We hope that it will be a wonderful journey and place to visit and to learn what it takes to be one of God’s Care takers in this crazy world we live in.

Lois will continue to work on a more feasible family pet for those that have trusted and loved her work. Not very many of us can afford a DireWolf in our lives as they are extremely large and costly, so Lois has chosen to bring you the Vulpes Companion Fox dog.

As in all things, perfection takes time, but... this dog will be ALL DOMINATES where the Dire Wolf is mostly RECESSIVES.

Lois is gathering up the breeds and dogs necessary to put this all into place and we are thrilled to have you along for the ride. Those of you that were not around for the beginning of the Dire Wolves can now follow along as she moves from generation to generation with her Fox look. Because this will be dominate genes we shall be working with, it should not take too long.

The prices of the new mixed outcrosses will be well within reach and the cost to own them down considerable from the giants we bred as these guys will eat considerably less. As happy fun-loving dogs, they will be welcome anywhere.

Our first lines will come out of our Laddy Boy (the Scottish Collie) and some hand selected American Alsatians that Lois has chosen to be the base of this new breed. Those of you that like a large dog with a fluffier coat will love these guys. The largest pups will be up for sale as we select for the smaller sizes.

Some of these Collie outcrosses should reach about 80-120 lbs in this the first generation, which is actually a very large size of a dog. This happier, friendlier dog is a better fit for families with children and the younger generation. They will love to play games, go on family walks, play fetch, go camping or even jog with those health-conscious city folks, lol. They will have the ultimate fancy, soft, full coat that you all say you want, and in the well-groomed condition they will turn every head they come across! Yes, even more so than our dire wolves! You wanted pretty, soft, fluffy, hang on to your hats, you got it!

The Vulpes Companion family dog is all about the coat and you are invited to tag along as Lois puts brush to canvas, and even in the first litter of pups, hits it out of the ball park!

Our second line of mixed pups will be much smaller as BooBoo (Shiba Inu) and Missy (Corgi) breed this spring.

What is a Shiba Inu x Corgi Mix? You can look this mix breed ‘’Corgi Inu’’ ‘’Shorgi” “Shiborgi” up over the internet to get a heads up on the mixing of these two breeds. What I am going to tell you is what we have in our Sire and Dam and what we know we shall be getting in our pups.

You will read that the Shiba Corgis are ‘’easy to train’’. Shoot, any dog is ‘’easy to train’’ if one knows what they are doing, so forget about that.

Watch Dog: They bark. This means they are territorial and small and can get hurt easily thus, they are scared of most things they do not know, as many canines are. As a canine, they don’t allow other packs of dogs into their territory, but being small, they can not defend or protect as they believe they can. All small dogs must be taken care of and kept out of trouble as they have no clue that their lives could be snuffed out because of their size. Any animal that is small must be quick to retreat and hide. Know this. They Bark and that is the extent of their watch dog abilities so, the first thing I teach them is to NOT BARK. Teaching them manners and to be quiet is not going to stop them from barking but it will stop most of it. Believe me when I tell you to STOP THEM FROM BARKING. If your pup is mostly like the Shiba, it will bark more than the pup that is mostly like the Corgi.

What breeds went into our Dire Wolves

German Shepherd, American Shepherd, Schutzhund Shepherds, Long coated Shepherds, Show Shepherds (AKC) (GERMAN)

Alaskan Malamutes (working and show) (AKC)

Akita's (brindles, reds and creams) (AKC)

Golden retriever mix

Labrador retriever/Siberian/Staffordshire mix

Anatolian/Pyrenees mix (working and family dogs)

Pyrenees x Samoyed mix (AKC)

English Mastiff show dogs, English Mastiff x Bull Mastiff mix (cream, reds with brindles in background) AKC papers

Irish Wolfhound/deerhound mix (working hunting dog lines) AKC papers

collie wshepherd mix
Lois bred many other mixed breeds

Lois Bred many mixed breeds in her lifetime such as: Shihtzu x Poodle, Lhasa x Poodle, Yorkie Poodle, Pekingese x Poodle, Maltese Poodle, Cocker Poodles, Akita x Shepherd, Shepherd x Malamute, Shepherd x Siberian, Shepherd x Collie as well as the purebreds of such breeds and: Akitas, Bassett Hound, Boston Terriers, Boxers, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniels, Doberman Pinchers, Chows, Dashund and the Siberian Husky,.

Lois and rigatoni out of noodle and alpine

When one has over 50 years of experience listening and coming in contact with such disasters as choosing a pup on looks alone, one begins to know what the public is looking for. Lois then decided that she just had to create that perfect companion dog! Those dogs that everyone wanted! She knew she could do it!