Buying One Of My Dogs

Non-Refundable Deposit

An $800.00 Non-refundable deposit sent paypal friends and family, gets your name and date placed on a list within this web site. When your name is on the waiting list you may show an 'INTEREST' in any dog or puppy up for sale.

When you let me know that you are 'INTERESTED IN' a particular pup/dog or breeding, your name and pick date will be added to that subjects page as a reminder to all that YOU ARE INTERESTED IN this pup/dog/litter.

Being 'Interested in' does not make you liable to choose that pup/dog/litter. You may choose as many dogs/pups/litters as you wish to add your name to as 'interested in'.

Pick Date

Your pick date is the date you deposited your non-refundable deposit.

All names on the waiting list that have dates EARLIER than your date get to CHOOSE or PASS on any 6 wk or older puppy that we have for sale.

Any pup/dog that is SIX WEEKS of age at 12 midnight that is up for sale can and must be chosen by that time or you may get passed over if you do not choose your pup.

HOW DO YOU CHOOSE YOUR PUPPY? You message me on messenger in FACEBOOK or phone.

This is up to YOU not me. YOU must be watching the puppies and this web site (and facebooks Schwarz Kennels Fox Project). READ the birth date, count the weeks and get ready to message me at midnight. Be sure to have a few picks available in case someone before you chooses your number 1 pick.

Each puppy has a puppy page just for that puppy. Photos, video's NOTES and stories about that pup are there for you to read so that you may choose wisely. You can message me and ask me questions. Temperament scores are posted on that pups page as well as the mom and dad and pedigree. EVERYTHING you need to know or see is on that pups page so do your research, ask me questions and i shall give you FREE OF CHARGE my expertise so that you can get the right pup for you.

ANY EARLIER DATES THAN YOU MAY PUSH YOU OFF OF A PUP./DOG at anytime if you do not have a signed contract agreeing to buy that pup/dog.

When you sign a contract to buy such a dog/pup YOU ARE LIABLE and responsible to pay and pick up your puppy by 8 weeks of age!!!!!!!!!! You may make other arrangements to come and get your puppy or have others come get your puppy if you email or message me in writing before the 8 wk of age (midnight). Boarding fees may be charged for any pup over 8 wks of age.

If you do not complete the agreement and pay for the pup BEFORE 8WKS you FORFEIT the contract and the dog goes back up for sale. YOU WILL BE CHARGED for this reneging of a signed agreement as we held this pup for you and others did not get a chance to buy that pup. YOU WILL BE PENALIZED.

Paying for your puppy

After you get your contract, READ IT and let me know if you wish to add or change anything in our mutual conditions of the sale of this pup. This is a binding agreement between you and me so lets make it OUR contract.

I have a multitude of general contracts for you to copy and paste into your word program so you can make up your own contract. A contract can not go against any Laws of sales nor will I agree to any such a contract but we can come to a mutual agreement.

I will never agree to hand over one of my pups if the FULL AMOUNT of what I am asking for that pup is not paid for in advance.

I will never agree to keeping a pup over the 12 week age. I am too old to be training your puppies.

I will agree to let a pup go before 8 wks to those people I believe can care for such a young pup and who are responsible enough to get it shots and wormings etc. I will not be held responsible for any sick pups after you pick your pup up.

I will give you 24 hours to return the pup as long as the pup is in the same (or better) condition as when you picked the pup up. Not poisoned or injured no fleas or ticks etc.


If I feel you are not responsible or that you might cause me or my reputation an issue, I will NOT sell you a puppy.

If you are rude, pushy, etc. I will NOT sell you one of my dogs.

I AM NOT WALMART ! Nor Burger King.